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You Can Become a Missouri SMP Volunteer Specialist and Make a Difference in Your Community

As an SMP Volunteer Specialist, you will work in your community to help stop the over $60 billion dollars lost to Medicare fraud and abuse each year.  Keeping your own flexible schedule, you can promote community

awareness by providing information on the latest scams, educate seniors on how to protect themselves against fraud and abuse, and provide one-on-one counseling to individuals with questions or concerns

about their Medicare Summary Notices.  SMP Volunteer Specialists represent Missouri SMP at health fairs and other events, pass out informational brochures and send public service announcements to local media. 

A two-day SMP Foundations training session is required to arm SMP Volunteer Specialists with the information and tools to carry out their mission to prevent, detect and report Medicare fraud and abuse in their area. 

One year of service is requested with one or more activities per month reported.  The Missouri SMP Program is funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Administration on Aging

and is administered by Care Connection for Aging Services.  Contact the Missouri SMP Office at  or call 888-515-6565. 

Visit the SMP website for more information at or

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Timely Fraud Alert Information From MoSMP

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What Happens if I Call SMP?

Your question or concern is referred to a volunteer in your community.  The volunteer works with you to resolve your complaint. 

If fraud or abuse is suspected, the case is referred to the appropriate investigative agency for further review.


Tips to Prevent Fraud What to Do, What Not to Do

     Don't ever give out your Medicare number (on your Medicare card) except to your doctor or your other Medicare provider.


     Don't allow anyone, except appropriate medical professionals, to review your medical records or recommend services.


     Do be careful in accepting Medicare services that are represented as being free.


     Do be cautious when you are offered free testing or screening in exchange for your Medicare card number.


     Do be cautious of any provider who maintains that they have been endorsed by the Federal government or by Medicare.


Do call your Area Agency on Aging if you have any questions or concerns. 


  How You Can Make A Difference

Individuals are critical in the fight to prevent fraud and abuse in the Medicare program.  Fighting fraud and abuse helps to ensure that Medicare benefits will be available when they are needed.

There are many ways that individuals can protect this benefit.


     Be informed about the Medicare benefits.

     Know the type, frequency, and quality of care being provided to you.

     Know the services your doctor has ordered.

     Ask questions about the services you receive.

     Report concerns. You can make a confidential report to the SMP program. 


Please be assured that Medicare is very interested in any information you provide and will regard your report of suspected fraud and abuse with serious attention.


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