Older Blind Services


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Description: Description: MP900401311[1]The programs of Rehabilitation Services for the Blind   are offered without regard to sex, age, race, color, religion, national origin or type of disability in addition to blindness.


Have you noticed problems with:


Reading the newspaper?

Setting the oven dial?

Writing a check?

Giving the right change?

Reading a prescription bottle?



If you can answer “Yes” to any of these questions, Rehabilitation Services for the Blind can help, with assistance from the Older Blind Services Program.



You can improve your quality of life by learning new ways to live more independently in your home, such as:

•   Operating your appliances

•   Identifying your money

•   Dialing a phone

•   Speaking up for yourself

•   Telling time

•   Reading the newspaper

•   Threading a needle

•   Identifying medication

•   Writing a check

•   Testing your blood sugar level

•   Measuring your insulin

•   Traveling confidently

•   Continuing leisure activities

You Are Not Alone!

You may have a Low Vision Center near you.  Supplies such as magnifiers, Closed Circuit TV’s, high intensity lamps, etc. are available and can be used or temporarily loaned to you to use in your home.  Call RSB’s toll-free number, 1-800-592-6004, to locate the nearest Low Vision Center.

OBS conducts town meetings annually to discuss issues affecting the visually impaired.  Contact RSB’s toll-free number to find the time and location of the next town meeting.


What makes a person eligible for the Older Blind Services?

·         Age 55 or older

·         Reside in the State of Missouri

·         Unable to read newspaper print with best correction




Northwest Missouri Area Agency on Aging

504 East Highway 136 ~ Albany MO 64402 ~

660.726.3800 ~ 888.844.5626