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The ongoing partnership between the Missouri Association of Area Agencies on Aging (MA4) and the South Central Pension Rights project (SCPRP) has proved to be beneficial to many  Missourians who need help to understand and exercise their pension rights.  MA4, in conjunction with Missouri’s ten Area Agencies on Aging, conducts outreach activities for SCPRP to make residents of the state aware of this needed project and its pension counseling services.


Roger Cume, Managing Attorney of SCPRP said, “Missouri is a non right-to-work state with the types of industries that have resulted in many current retirees being covered by traditional defined benefit plans.  We have seen a recent spike in overpayment recoupment cases where the Pension Plan Administrator incorrectly calculated the monthly pension payment and now they are trying to recover the overpayment by reducing the monthly pension check going forward.  We have had some success in getting recovery of the overpayment and the reduction in the monthly pension waived.” 


Curme mentioned a case in which a Missouri woman recived a letter from her Pension Plan Administrator that she had been overpaid more than $80,000.   SCPRP helped this woman obtain a waiver of the overpayment so her monthly pension check wasn’t reduced by the Plan to recoup the overpayment.


Besides help with recoupment issues, SCPRP services often pertain to unjustly-denied pension benefits; locating the company that administers your benefits; deceased spouse’s pension; entitled-to pension benefit; how to apply for your pension benefits; and questions about your retirement plan.


SCPRP’s services are provided through phone and mail communications by attorneys and paralegals.  These services are free, regardless of the age of the person seeking assistance.  If you would like to know more, visit their website at or contact SCPRP at 1-800-443-2528.   Please note:  SCPRP does not accept public benefit cases. 


The U.S. Administration on Aging has established a grant program to provide pension counseling projects across the United States, because it can be difficult for individuals to understand complex pension plans and laws. 

One of those projects, The South Central Pension Rights Project (SCPRP), assists people in Missouri, as well as other states, with their retirement issues. 

Since it began in October 2008, SCPRP has recovered more than $2.5 million in benefits and has assisted more than 300 individuals with their retirement benefit questions.  There is never a charge to clients, and they are assisted regardless of age, income or the value of the pension involved. 

The current economic climate means that there are more people than ever in need of help with their retirement benefits.  SCPRP answers questions about complicated pension issues, locates and explains retirement plan documents that might be difficult to find, corrects pension miscalculations, tracks down benefits from past employers and provides referrals to retirement benefit professionals, such as attorneys and actuaries, as needed.

SCPRP can assist with retirement income plans offered by either private or government employers and can help clients make more informed decisions by making sure they understand and can exercise their legal rights to their retirement benefits.

Although it is headquartered in Texas, SCPRP provides service for Missouri.   Their staff will be available by phone or in person if needed to assist retirees with problems related to pensions to which they are entitled.  This is another example of how the AAA partners with entities who are experts in other areas to bring information and resources to clients. 

Contact SCPRP for assistance at 800-443-2528 or visit for more information.










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