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                Supportive Services



Subsidized transportation in our 18-county area of Northwest Missouri is available in  several forms depending on need and location:   We have a volunteer driver program called PAR (Provide a Ride) available in some areas, in which we provide trained volunteer drivers to take the client to his or her  non-emergency medical appointment.

       If there is not a volunteer driver available, we offer client reimbursement. It is for clients who have a non-family member to drive them and feel the need to reimburse the driver but do not have the means to do so themselves.

       In addition, we provide public transportation vouchers in the St. Joseph area, and OATS vouchers for residents in the 18-county area, for non-emergency medical trips, essential business and shopping trips, and to go eat at a senior center nutrition site. 

Eligibility:  A person at least 60 years of age who has been assessed and shows adequate need.

Cost:  None – Voluntary Contribution Accepted


We contract with Legal Aid Services and participate in the Missouri Seniors' Legal Helpline to provide legal services to our client group.  

Help is available through the "Missouri Seniors' Legal Helpline" either online at or by calling 800-235-5503

Through the helpline and the Area Agencies on Aging, people will receive simple information and assistance, as well as referrals to participating attorneys.  

 Eligibility: At least 60 year of age

Cost:  Private pay, program-funded or pro bono, depending on financial situation.



We published a resource guide for grandparents to access information, resources and services they may need.   –LINK TO GUIDE--

 Eligibility: Grandparents who are raising their grandchildren

Cost:  None – voluntary contribution


We partner with ParentLink and their Grandfamilies program, particularly related to its support groups and WarmLine.

 Eligibility:  Grandparents who are raising their grandchildren

Cost:  None




This is a service in which information and/or education is provided to the public about available services and programs.  It may also include training, exhibits, publications, etc.  Speakers and printed materials for many topics affecting seniors are available upon request.

 Eligibility:  None

Cost:  None – Voluntary Contribution Accepted



This service provides current information about services and opportunities available within a community to a client or caregiver.   It may include an assessment of the individual’s problems and capacities, linking the person to available services, and follow up if needed.  We can help clients find services, even if the Agency does not directly provide or sponsor them.

 Eligibility:   Must be at least 60 years of age, families and/or caregivers, or people who are 18-59 years of age, with disabilities.

Cost:  None – Voluntary Contribution Accepted


ENHANCED I & A (Aging Consultation, Benefits Counseling)

A staff person can meet with you and/or your family, caregivers, etc., to answer questions regarding specific problems, such as Medicare, Medicaid, insurance, personal assistance or mediation for a specific problem.

Eligibility: At least 60 years of age, their family and/or caregiver or individuals who are age 18-59, with  disabilities

Cost: None – voluntary contribution



Options Counseling provides comprehensive, objective, up-to-date, user-friendly information about the full range of immediate and long-range options that are available.  This helps individuals understand available community support options, by assessing their needs and resources, and assisting them in developing and implementing their long-term support choices.

 Eligibility:  At least 60 years of age, their family and/or caregiver, or individuals who are age18-59 with disabilities

Cost:  None – Voluntary Contribution Accepted




The word “Ombudsman” comes from a Swedish word and is “One who speaks on behalf of another.”

 The focus of the program is specifically for long term care residents and their families, unlike most of our services which focus on people living in the community.  With highly-trained staff, along with trained volunteers, we provide support and assistance with problems or complaints connected to a long-term care facility.   The program also seeks to diminish the sense of isolation experienced by residents, especially those without family.  The ombudsman can assist the resident and their families in knowing and exercising their rights, thereby maintaining their quality of life.


The Silver Haired Legislature (SHL) is a formally-elected body of individuals who are at least 60 year of age that promotes conscientious legislative advocacy for seniors.  All members are unpaid volunteers.  Their mission is to ascertain the needs of seniors, draw up bills and resolutions, and present them at the statewide conference.  The SHL meets for three days each fall to conduct a model legislative session.  At that time members present, debate and vote on a pre-approved docket of bills and resolutions that concern legislation which affects the lives of not only older adults, but all Missouri citizens.  From the docket, five bills having the highest priority are selected as the main focus in the Missouri General Assembly for the upcoming year.


MO SMP Specialists are staff members and retired professionals who attend a three-day training about Medicare, Medicaid, supplemental insurance and health care fraud and abuse.  These volunteers offer counseling and assistance with these issues, free of charge.


The Board of Directors, staff members and the entire network of the Northwest Missouri Area Agency on Aging take an active role in advocating for senior issues, whether they are federal, state or local.  These issues vary greatly and can include funding and legislation, local ordinances, codes, projects and services.  We take our role of being the voice of seniors very seriously, but we are also very proactive in informing and enabling seniors and their caregivers to speak for themselves.



The Agency is actively involved in working with local groups as well as individuals to prepare for disasters through programs, literature, supplies and education.  In conjunction with our disaster planning, we also offer 72-hour survival kits.  The kits are designed to ensure the survival of one individual for up to 72 hours while awaiting rescue.  The kits include a 5-in-1 whistle, two 12-hour light sticks, 9 water packets, six 2400-Calorie Emergency Food packets (non-thirst producing) 1 Poncho, 1 blanket, 1-N95 Particulate Respirator mask, and 9 Purell Sanitizing Wipes.  We also recommend adding a pair of rounded-tip scissors to the kit and including copies of important documents, sealed in plastic bags. 


Steady as You Go is a falls prevention initiative sponsored by the Missouri Association of Area Agencies on Aging in partnership with the Show-Me Falls Free Missouri Coalition.  We partner with local organizations to provide information and education, as well as in-home assessment.


Using the “Aging in Place” model to work toward “livable communities,” the Northwest Missouri Area Agency on Aging has been participating in a pilot project in Albany, Missouri.  The group is a coalition of individuals and organizations.  The vision is to revitalize individual and organizational involvement in order to restore, and ultimately sustain, a livable community that meets basic needs and enhances the quality of life for all citizens.  Our mission is to identify, assess, and prioritize what is necessary and important to ensure a livable community.  We are committed to leading the way to coordinate, unify, organize and engage a variety of supporters to ensure that our community is a great place in which to live, work and play, both now and in the future.


Northwest Missouri Area Agency on Aging was selected as the pilot project by the Department of Health and Senior Services for a Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS)/Administration on Aging (AOA) grant.  The purpose of the grant is to develop a single, coordinated system of information and access for all persons seeking long-term support.  The intent of the project is to minimize confusion, enhance individual choice, support informed decision making, increase the cost effectiveness of long-term support systems and reduce the number of “hoops that must be jumped through” by consumers in order to receive services.  The grant has officially ended, but the goal is for statewide implementation.   


Serving older adults and their caregivers in Andrew, Atchison, Buchanan, Caldwell, Clinton, Daviess, DeKalb, Gentry, Grundy, Harrison, Holt, Linn, Livingston, Mercer, Nodaway, Putnam, Sullivan and Worth Counties in Northwest Missouri


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