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Results from SFY2019 Elections, May 8, 2018

The Northwest Missouri Area Agency on Aging, at its regularly-scheduled board meeting on May 21, 2018, reviewed the election results provided

by the Gentry County Clerk.

Those candidates who received the most votes:


ABCD – Shirley Golden

*GREEN HILLS—David Moore

*NORTHWEST—David Smith

*The confirmation of these two members-elect is contingent upon their immediate resignations from the board of directors of their respective local senior centers, due to the following CSR:

Per CSR 15-4.100 (3) (F) “The area agency governing body shall not select, appoint or elect as a member, or ex officio member, any individual who is an owner, board member or employee of a service provider agency that has currently submitted a proposal to the area agency to receive funding to provide services or that is currently providing services under a grant, contract or stipend with the area agency.”

The Northwest Missouri Area Agency on Aging expects to be able to ratify the votes at its June meeting on June 25, 2018.



Andrew County;  Kathy Roach, representative

Buchanan County;  W.A. “Bill” Hedge, alternate

Daviess County;  Peggy Burnett, representative; Walter Burnett, alternate

DeKalb County; John Murphy, representative; Sharon Murphy, alternate

Linn County;  Johnnie D. Herndon, representative

Livingston County;  David M. Moore, alternate

Nodaway County;  Larry Cady, representative

The results have been sent to the local SHL Chairman and Coordinator for verification.

(There are a few SHL positions for which write-ins were added, write-in votes.)

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